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This library implements the LDPC-Staircase and LDPC-Triangle large block Forward Error Correction (FEC) codes. This is the only open-source implementation of a large block FEC code available today. It is heavily used by our FLUTE/ALC application, but it can also be used independantly. Unlike LDPC codes working at the physical layer (e.g. for DVB-S2), this is an application-level FEC scheme which works over packets that are either delivered correctly to the receiver or lost by the network.

To the best of our knowledge, our codec does not infringe any patent. In particular it does not use any of the claims specified in the following Digital Fountain US Patents: #6073250, #6081909 and #6163870. If ever you disagree, please let us know so that we can see how to address the problem!

We are currently very active in various standardization organizations (IETF RMT and DVB-H in particular) to promote the use of these codes. More information can be found in LDPC FEC Document.

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