LDPC FEC Documents

Thursday 6 April 2006.

Standardization Activities

-  V. Roca, C. Neumann, D. Furodet, ``Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) Staircase and Triangle Forward Error Correction (FEC) Schemes’’, IETF RMT Working Group, RFC 5170 (Standards Track/Proposed Standard), June 2008. (ASCII)

-  STMicroelectronics/AST and INRIA/Planète, ``LDPC benchmarking for DVB-H’’, Document submitted to the DVB-H CDP Working Group, December 2005. (PDF)


-  M. Cunche, V. Roca, ``Le RFC 5170 en pratique : conception et évaluation d’un codec AL-FEC LDPC-staircase hautes performances’’, Colloque Francophone sur l’Ingénierie des Protocoles (CFIP’09), October 2009. (PDF)

-  M. Cunche, V. Roca, ``Optimizing the Error Recovery Capabilities of LDPC-staircase Codes Featuring a Gaussian Elimination Decoding Scheme’’, 10th IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing for Space Communications (SPSC’08), October 2008. (PDF) (gzipped postscript) (Slides, PDF).

-  M. Cunche, V. Roca, ``Improving the Decoding of LDPC Codes for the Packet Erasure Channel with a Hybrid Zyablov Iterative Decoding/Gaussian Eliminiation Scheme’’, INRIA Research Report RR-6473, March 2008. (PDF) (gzipped postscript).

-  M. Cunche, V. Savin, V. Roca, G. Kraidy, A. Soro, J. Lacan, ``Low-rate coding using incremental redundancy for GLDPC codes’’, International Workshop on Satellite and Space Communications 2008 (IWSSC’08), October 2008. (PDF) (Slides, PDF).

-  M. Cunche, V. Roca, ``Adding Integrity Verification Capabilities to the LDPC-Staircase Erasure Correction Codes’’, INRIA Research Report RR-6125, February 2007. (PDF) (gzipped postscript).

-  C. Neumann, V. Roca, A. Francillon, D. Furodet, ``Impacts of Packet Scheduling and Packet Loss Distribution on FEC Performances: Observations and Recommendations’’, INRIA Research Report RR-5578, May 2005. (PDF) (gzipped postscript).
This document is also published in: ACM CoNEXT’05 Conference, Toulouse, France, October 2005. (PDF).

-  C. Neumann, V. Roca, ``Analysis of FEC Codes for Partially Reliable Media Broadcasting Schemes’’, (BEST YOUNG RESEARCHER PAPER AWARD), 2nd ACM International Workshop on Multimedia Interactive Protocols and Systems (MIPS’04), Grenoble, France, November 2004. (PDF) (gzipped postscript) (Springer-Verlag/LNCS version)

-  V. Roca, C. Neumann, ``Design, Evaluation and Comparison of Four Large Block FEC Codecs, LDPC, LDGM, LDGM Staircase and LDGM Triangle, plus a Reed-Solomon Small Block FEC Codec’’, INRIA Research Report RR-5225, June 2004. (PDF) (gzipped postscript)