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Latest addition : Monday 26 June 2006.

The Plančte-Broadcast site gathers several tools (libraries and applications) for large scale content distribution.

Project Short Explanation Status Activity
FLUTE/ALC open-source (A.K.A. MCLv3) massively scalable content broadcasting over unidirectional channels Experimental Standby
FLUTE/ALC commercial massively scalable content broadcasting over unidirectional channels Mature Active
NORM ACK/NACK based content distribution Experimental Standby
LDPC large block FEC codec Mature Active
TESLA packet source authentication and packet integrity protocol Under development Active

Additionally, the Reed-Solomon reference codec of Luigi Rizzo can be downloaded from this site.

Our philosophy:
-  offer high quality, open source, GNU/GPL or LGPL reference implementations
-  participate actively to the standardization of the building blocks (in particular the IETF RMT, FECFRAME and MSEC Working Groups, and DVB-H)
-  promote IPR-free technologies for the benefit of the community

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